Team Electrical (#e5 Group) Podcast

Paul Meenan, David Watts, Ryan Dempsey, Paul Skyrme, Dan Jackson, John Ward and many more take to the podcast world. Guest Co-host include, Thomas Nagy, Adrian Davey, Lee Ward, Richard Emery, Mike Page... These are for anyone engaged in the electrical industry in the UK.

Electrician LIVE - Transformer System Bonding Jumper and More

Join Paul and Jay as they talk transformer grounding and bonding, most importantly about System Bonding Jumpers and sizing.

Modern Electrician

The age old tale of the wise master sitting on some far away hillside, waiting for an eager apprentice to find them and learn all there is to know from them about their craft is as old as time itself. 

Advice for new electricians

The UK is committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Join us as we travel on this road to Net Zero and speak with people who live and breath energy reduction and legislation.

Electrical and Electrician Podcasts

Listen in to our Spreaker PodCasts on various aspects of the National Electrical Code® and electrical exam preparation among other topics that are related to the electrical industry.

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Apprentices in the Electrical Industry

In today's episode of the Electrician Podcast we have Adam Callow from Expert Trades speaking with Ben Curry, Jordan Farley and Tom Tyler discussing apprentices in the electrical industry.

Electrical Machines


Home Electrical Basics | How to Home Podcast

This week, we chat with licensed electrician Caleb Effinger about home electrical basics and safety.